welcome wanderer, I'm Zara

2019-03-31 13.jpg

I’m an Australian artist, writer, Christian and wanderer who is wildly addicted to the feeling of paint on a canvas, and love the way words dance in my mind.

I grew up with my head in the clouds and my nose in a book. As a child, when I ‘grew up’ I wanted to be a fairy, and I think that’s why I still believe that magic happens. 

I am completely and irrevocably in love with Jesus, and after fourteen years of being a Christian, He still makes my heart sing and spirit soar.  

I have an ever growing passion to see women be empowered in life, walking in their divine purpose with confidence, knowing exactly who they are and who their great God is.

Being surrendered to my art means that my creative process is fluid. Sometimes I paint, sometimes I write, other times I may dance like no ones watching, pick up my camera, go for a walk in nature or laugh until tears fall from my eyes.

Everyday I discover a new thing about myself, which just goes to prove what a creative God we have! Learning to fall in love with every side of myself is my daily challenge and delight, and I invite you to join me as I discover more of what it looks like to walk in holistic faith - body, soul and spirit.