A Prayer

Lord, I want to honour you with my heavy metal fast. I want to show you that I would give up anything to have more of You.

One of my favourite and most cherished things to me is heavy metal music. I know it’s a strange thing to cherish, but I do. Metal music is the symbol of my independence as my own person, a way to connect with people from all walks of life. It has been my comforter and place a refuge in hard times, and allowed me free spirited dancing in times of joy. My favourite upon favourite thing to do is be in a mosh pit, dancing like a wild woman with all abandon, feeling completely at home with “my people”.  It’s the music I listen to when I don’t feel like listening to anything, a way to experience bold feeling in a safe environment.

All these things are good, but You are the ultimate Good, and I want You to be all those things for me first. I have to learn to go to You when I’m upset or joyful, find my refuge in You and find “my people” amongst Your saints.

Jesus, You are my everything, and I would give up the world and everything in it to know your more as Friend, Lover and Saviour.

Zara Moore