Dear Creative

Dear Creative,

Protect your creative expression.

We live in a dense cloud of Curators and Producers, and not nearly enough Cultivators and Midwives.

Curators pick and choose which products and ideas to showcase, Cultivators grow with tender-love their ideas, caring for them as they unfold, loving them no matter what shape they take. Producers pump out content en mass to cater to the largest consumer, while Midwives cradle light-bulb moments as they journey into Earthside expression, knowing when to honour a creative push, and when to rest.

Honour your expression, for it's your sacred purpose.

It may not look like everyone else's creativity, but that is why its beautiful. One of the most encouraging and powerful things is seeing creatives who are unashamed and wild in their creativity, whatever that looks like. I once met a woman who made horror and gothic themed dolls from felt. They were stunning. She was stunning. Your creativity is meant for the renewing of hearts and minds, a gift for this hurting Earth.

I love you.

You are incredible.

You are going to change the world.

x za

Zara Moore