New Zealand Skies

Today I long for New Zealand skies. 

Last month I hopped on a plane, flew over seas to the land of the long white cloud, and never wanted to leave. I was enveloped by vast mountains, emerald earth, black sand and waltzing skies. I was surrounded by a community of humans so wild in spirit my heart wept to be around them. I have never felt so small. So small in this big world of beauty and heart wrenching wisdom, humbled a little more everyday as I learned lessons I wasn't aware I needed to learn. Gratitude is too meek a word to encompass that week, yet I will hold it close. I will ponder it, turn it around, examine every angle and detail of that word as I wait for the day I get to board that plane back to the mountains, back to the misty oceans, back to the land of the waltzing long white cloud. 

Zara Moore