welcome to Zaraland.


Zaraland was the name my Mum called the place I would go when I looked out the window. 

As a child I was always in a world of my own, finding it hard to concentrate on anything for long periods of time. This world has never left me as I grew older, and I think that’s why as an adult, I have an insatiable child-like wonder. 

Zaraland came to me in a vision as I stood in line for coffee during the Christmas rush of December 2017. 

The impression was to create a place where art could be sold and the proceeds would go to missionaries around the world. I would faithfully paint, and God would bring the people.

Zaraland was started by God, is sustained by God, and absolutely for His glory. 

Over these last few years, Zaraland has grown and expanded to be a place where all can come and be refreshed through holistic faith, with a particular passion to see Christian women empowered to live their passion and purpose.

I hope you enjoy the art which I create, the words I write, and the passion I share. You’re not only supporting me, but many people around the world. 


I pray that it would always be a place for the Lord to have space to provide for His children whom He loves.